Feodosia is a small cozy town, lying on the shores of the picturesque Black Sea. The town was founded by settlers from the Greek city of Miletus, in the 6th century BC. According to the legend, the Greeks were caught in a storm, survived miraculously in a comfortable bay, and praising the gods, founded a settlement there.

These days Feodosia is one of the most famous resorts in the Crimea to where tourists and holidaymakers head every summer. So what attracts people from across the globe to our town?

The town is famous for its unusually beautiful beaches and a gentle sea. Pebble beaches are mostly in the town. At our location, the softest sand stretches along the Harbor of Feodosia. 

The climate is mild here and it is one of the sunniest places in the Crimea. There are 2,272 hours of sunny weather per year.

In the evening, the seafront is full of life and entertainment. You will find many restaurants and small cafes, amusement parks and dance clubs.

Places of interest

Feodosia is not only famous for its coast, but also has a number of outstanding cultural sights.

The world-famous Aivazovsky picture gallery will give you an unforgettable experience. The great marine painter loved the town and spent most of his life here, and brought glory to Feodosia all around the world.

Aivazovsky was not only a brilliant artist - he did much for his beloved town by sponsoring many projects, one of which is a huge fountain in the middle of the town. This is an attraction not to be missed.

Do not forget to visit the ruins of the Genoese fortress of the 14th century, museum of antiquities (the oldest Provincial Museum of the Russian Empire), Alexander Green Museum, the only hang-gliding museum in Europe, Tsvetayev Sisters' Museum, the Museum of Money. 

In summer, the town hosts numerous art exhibitions, festivals, competitions and regattas.

The town is a green one as well. There are several parks, among which stands out Yubileyny Park (Jubilee park) and Matrosskiy Sad (Sailor's Garden) - the oldest town park which is situated in the center close to the waterfront.

When you visit Feodosia, make sure to have a great vacation at the best Crimean beaches and experience the wide range of culture.